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Friday, November 18, 2016


When faith is lived. When faith is experienced, ‘Ukuuwako kama radiis felt.  And that is the message in Molly Kaberi’s music. ‘Sitishiki’ is the refrain in her lips as the binti to the king prides in the power of the Lord. The musicality, the beautiful video, the nostalgic video direction, the powerful audio and words leave you amazed. In awe! You watch it again and since your home is in Ndeiya, you thump your chest and say, “Ndeiya is talented. And I am proud to be a Ndeiyan!” Molly Kaberi with her music promises to make Ndeiya great again. Someone say Amen! Say it louder.

 Personally, I know Molly. She is that PMC teacher who is more than passionate about kids. She will do anything for PMC. Again, when it comes to inspiration and motivation, Molly is more than a pragmatic life coach. Every single morning on our local Catholic Parish Whatsapp Group, Molly wakes us up with these words: 

ARISE n ASSERT yourself!!!

Embrace this day be BETTER 

than yesterday…….. our INSPIRATION this morning!!!!!
Sometimes, we ignore it.(I am guilty of that). At other times, someone will type a non-chalant ‘Amen’ but all in all Molly will not give up. The next day, she does the same thing. She will not quit till we arise and assert ourselves!
The Tawala Singer in Her Trade

The Lovely Imagery
The character in the song has this awesome lover whom when she calls, all her problems will diminish into thin air.

Nikikuiita ukuu wako kama radi,
Yesu wangu akifika,Shinda zangu zafifia...

 So, it is no wonder to see our character dressed in a pure white wedding gown walk elegantly with all the finesse and suave she can muster down the candle-lit aisle to the altar where she kneels and declares her undying love for this awesome bride groom whose might is inimitable.

Memorable Role Modeling
 In shooting her video, Molly has these three young children with her; two girls and a boy. While the two girls enact in a scene where the benevolent king talks to her daughter, the boy busily drums on his ‘ndarama’. In having these three children, Molly is planting in them an unforgettable seed—that they can do anything they want. She is telling them that they can sing. She is telling them that they are a king’s daughters. She is telling them that their dreams are valid. That yes, they can! Anytime their faith is shaky, all they need to do is watch this video that will remind them that they only need to call the king and their troubles will fifia.

Costuming, Direction,Camera-Work and Production
 Molly, I just want to meet the person who directed this video. I want to meet the person who advised on the costuming. I want to meet the guy who was behind the camera lens. I want to meet them because they did your song production justice! The camera guy; I wonder whether he was on an aero plane in getting those aerial views. Whoever it is, kudos! That was a job well done.

Verdict: The Song is A Hit
If you are yet to watch the video, I do not know what you are doing. Watch it!You do not know inspiration until you have heard and seen Molly sing. Yes, you have not seen a beautiful production until you see ‘Ukuu Wako by Tawala’. They sky can only be the starting point for you Molly. You are soaring like an eagle. Yes, you are! Go for it. We are proud of you.

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