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Saturday, May 28, 2016


This year, Mboroti’s Cardinals Sports Club (under Daughters of Charity Services Thigio) celebrates two of their indefatigable, zealous soccer players who have defied the odds and made it big in matters football. One of them is Samuel Githire Ndungu who now plays for Muhoroni FC and Samuel Gatura Gaitungu who has been playing for UNILAG SPE FC AKWA IBOM state Nigeria.

The 25year old, 5.7fts tall, 72 kg Samuel Gatura Gaitungu hails from little known village of Migumo-ini Kamangu and would travel all the way to Thigio to play soccer; a clear indicator of zeal, steadfastness and passion at play. Popularly nicknamed as Pogba, Diego and Dimaria by his friends, Sammy is a story of discipline and humility. I met him on Facebook where he is always posting on the importance of passion and how God can transform one from nothing to something. He touched me in a great way and what followed was us arranging for an interview. Read on.

Hello Sammy. When did you realize that you are actually good in football?
I started playing football at the age of 10. I would play with my village mates and schoolmates.

How many teams have you played for so far in Kenya?
I have played for Atlas Lions FC in Kamangu, Umoja Fc, Kamangu Youths Fc ,Tickles Fc in Buru Nairobi, Mathare United under 21(MYSA) and finally Cardinal Otunga FC in Thigio was my last team in Kenya .

How was your experience playing for Cardinal FC (Mboroti)?
 I signed in with the Cardinals FC in the 2015-2016 season in the Central Province League and was with them for about three months before joining UNILAG SPE.
Frankly speaking, being raised from a different environment it was not easy to mix up with Thigio people where I was expected to speak in Kikuyu only but later on, all went well. I came being this strange boy with a dyed Mohawk hair style and speaking sheng. That made me look different.

I do remember some subtle jokes made about me that "Una kichwa kama teke" meaning my head was like a foot kick. However, I took all this in good stride since in each game, I always made an attempt to score using my header.

One of your trainers at Cardinal FC called George (Mishe) told me that you and Sammy Githire (now at Muhoroni FC) were really disciplined in the field. What would you tell other young players in Kenya who have a dream playing?
Discipline and respect are the keys to anything you do. Respect can never be bought in shops, it is gotten deep from within. Young footballers, to live your football dream, you need to work hard and respect yourself. Once you do so, other people will respect you.

Do you speak Nigerian?
Yes, I speak Nigerian legion English "A dey make talk legion English so I no make wahala with this Nigerian people now."

 What number do you play in the field?
I am an offensive midfielder (number 8) and forever on number 14 jersey, most of my teammates can testify 14 is always my number.

Your Facebook posts show you as a very religious person. What role has God played in your life and in football?
Everything without God is equals to Zero. God is the foundation, the beginner and finisher of human prosperity. I am a priest of God in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. Very soon, I will be a bishop .God says if you are ashamed to say he is your father on earth, He too will be ashamed to announce you before his heavenly kingdom.

Amen. Do football players make good money to support their families?
About money making yeah a lot of football clubs pay real good money and an intelligent footballer can make ends meet from the same.

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