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Hotelini kwa Jammoh is not your conventional hotel. It is no restaurant where you walk inside and order, chapati mbili beans and the eighteen year old waiter in a creased brown apron rushes past the usiingie jikoni sign to serve you. No, it is virtual. It only exists in the mind of the proprietor.

But that it is only virtual does not mean that you will not be served delicacies when you set feet here. No, come on an empty belly prepared for the most delectable, finger-licking dishes.

I charge nothing. Nothing for the kachumbari, nothing for the tomato sauce, nothing for the half cooked and unseasoned beans. I charge nothing at all. You only need to leave your comment and I will smile all the way to the creativity bank. Yes, you leave a comment on the blog and you get another chapo served with steaming hot black tea.

Initially, we were called Squirrel in the Choir. But we had to change that signpost. That title tempted us into playing squirrel tricks on the readers of the blog. We would appear for a bit and then vamoose into thin air without notice. Without even alerting the audience. Any aspiring writer worth their salt knows only too well that such behaviours are unethical, uncouth and barbaric. They make your readers see you as a real squirrel that hides in holes and appear unreliably. So No violet Bulawayo told us that we needed new names.

After much thinking, we settled for the name 'Hotelini kwa Jammoh'. We asked a painter to design that signpost and place it at the top of the wall. We would also require better font for the blog. You know how you readers love seductive font styles that lure your eyes? We shopped around and thanks to Biko Zulu and  Magunga, we were able to stumble on really nice handwritings that they use on their online exercise books.

Hotelini kwa Jammoh will be offering weekly meals. So any time you step here, be ready to tempt your taste buds with art. If the art is not gratifying, move on and find a better hotel. I understand that not everybody eats beans.

On a professional level, we offer the following services to our clients:

- Ghostwriting autobiographies in that writing style you want
- Performing arts scripts and theatrical directions
- Press releases for companies
- Project and business plan writing
- Content marketing on social media forums.