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Friday, January 13, 2017

It Has Been Long!

 It has been a long time since I last visited this page. Yes, things seem to be chasing me in 2017. (By the way, I turned 26 last year but that is neither here nor there.) In 2017, I want to finish things. Yes, I am that guy who starts things but never quite finishes them. I am the guy who would have been a book author by now but has not yet coined their story plot. Yes, am that guy who would have started a very lucrative freelance writing job or film writing but has not yet mustered enough energy, grit and will-power to do so. I am that guy who should have gotten married eons and eons ago but I have been waiting for the right lady. (Only that she was slow in coming and when I smelt the coffee, I decided to call myself a senior bachelor). Don’t laugh! Pray hard for me. Look here. This blog is over 4 years old but it is yet to reach the 10,000 page views that I had anticipated to get a year after I started it. Yes, I am yet to buy my domain and move us to a new home with a .com at the end. Forgive me and be patient.

1.       Accept Weaknesses

 Okay, I think you can close the browser tab since I am wasting your time. Still here? Okay, 2017 is the year when I accept my weaknesses, anxieties and worries. It is the year when I learn that there is something really wrong with me. (I always guessed that but I wouldn’t bring myself to agree to it.)

2.     Expert Help

2017 is the year when I approach experts to help. Recently, I was reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill (I didn’t quite finish it though. Again!). In this best-seller title Napoleon advises that getting an expert to help always helps. (What is that now?) He tells a story of Darby.

  A guy who once woke up with a gold fever ( A gold fever is ambition to find gold) and borrowed money to get machines to dig up ores. He was lucky and in his first mining, was able to pay up all his debts. He went on but the gold mine disappeared. Darby quit and gave up. His work was taken up by a junk man who (listen to this) first asked for expert advice. The advice he got was that there was a lot of gold three feet from where Darby had stopped. Three feet only!

Napoleon then goes on to encourage us on perseverance and not giving up. (You know that boring hullabaloo, don’t you?) Well, I think in 2017, I need to see such expert advice as not being boring but rather cool. Cause wise is cool!

3.       Know my Centre

I have realized that when unhappy, I ain’t creative. I need joy. I need happy people around me in 2017. I do not need you lousy guys (You can go now!) My creativity stems from a good relationship with the super mighty one. Yes, that is true. When am on good terms with the Lord, things are super good for me. Cause, I am able to organize and really do things well.

4. Fight Till The End

When I started blogging, there were many guys whom we started with. Today, they are sailing high. When I started acting, again, there were so many people whom we started with. Those who kept the faith are on TV while I am rarely on stage. When I started freelance writing, there are those guys whom we started with and they are really doing well. How about me? I never kept the faith. I am this very inconsistent character.  I start something passionately but it does not take long before it crumbles. That is something worth looking at this year.

5.       2017 is when My Confidence Goes Up

I have realized that when I do not believe that I am good enough, I become worse. In 2017, I want to build my confidence. I want to say ‘no’ maturely. I want to avoid you and not apologize for it. I want to sell myself high. I want to be treated with respect. I want good things. I want to love myself. 2017 is my year. Is it yours?


  1. Came here from your comment - love this post! Point number 4 is very true I think!

  2. Am glad you found your way here Roshni. Sorry for lateness in this reply. Am the lazy blogger as you can see