Thursday, February 15, 2018

Gym Equipment for abs and love handles

I am a fitness enthusiast. I love going to the gym.

So someone comes to me and asks on what they can do so as to get rid of love handles.

You know love handles have a lovely name but nobody loves them, right?

Why? They are a sign that you are fat and unhealthy.

Love handles say that you really need to work out and check what you are you eating.

So, I do a research and come to know that there are actually some great gym equipments that you can use to get rid of them and also tone your abs.

You see this person was not at all interested in weight loss pills such as this

In this article, I capture that so well:

Friday, January 13, 2017

It Has Been Long!

 It has been a long time since I last visited this page. Yes, things seem to be chasing me in 2017. (By the way, I turned 26 last year but that is neither here nor there.) In 2017, I want to finish things. Yes, I am that guy who starts things but never quite finishes them. I am the guy who would have been a book author by now but has not yet coined their story plot. Yes, am that guy who would have started a very lucrative freelance writing job or film writing but has not yet mustered enough energy, grit and will-power to do so. I am that guy who should have gotten married eons and eons ago but I have been waiting for the right lady. (Only that she was slow in coming and when I smelt the coffee, I decided to call myself a senior bachelor). Don’t laugh! Pray hard for me. Look here. This blog is over 4 years old but it is yet to reach the 10,000 page views that I had anticipated to get a year after I started it. Yes, I am yet to buy my domain and move us to a new home with a .com at the end. Forgive me and be patient.

1.       Accept Weaknesses

 Okay, I think you can close the browser tab since I am wasting your time. Still here? Okay, 2017 is the year when I accept my weaknesses, anxieties and worries. It is the year when I learn that there is something really wrong with me. (I always guessed that but I wouldn’t bring myself to agree to it.)

2.     Expert Help

2017 is the year when I approach experts to help. Recently, I was reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill (I didn’t quite finish it though. Again!). In this best-seller title Napoleon advises that getting an expert to help always helps. (What is that now?) He tells a story of Darby.

  A guy who once woke up with a gold fever ( A gold fever is ambition to find gold) and borrowed money to get machines to dig up ores. He was lucky and in his first mining, was able to pay up all his debts. He went on but the gold mine disappeared. Darby quit and gave up. His work was taken up by a junk man who (listen to this) first asked for expert advice. The advice he got was that there was a lot of gold three feet from where Darby had stopped. Three feet only!

Saturday, November 26, 2016


A dreamer. A hustler. A smiler. An actor. A farmer.  A graphic designer. A writer. All that packed into a 22 year old guy: Jeff Munai Rubia. And as though that is not enough, the young Nachuan still has another dream. One in which he wishes to launch on the 2nd December. A dream in which he wishes to defy gravity. To soar high in the sky. To carry people to lands beyond where they achieve their dreams, make money and feed their folks. Jeff longs to be a pilot. He says this with conviction. The kind of conviction that hits you hard. The kind of conviction that tells you that he is sure of what he is saying.

Jeff  Munai Rubia at Wilson Airport

I first met Jeff in November, 2015 during some gender equality training by Community Empowerment Education Centre (CEEC) in Kikuyu. After the training, we were to hold skits in Nachu ward to educate the community on the benefits of a gender- equal society. As we casted the skit on our final rehearsal day, the soft- spoken Jeff Munai was told to act as a battered woman. He agreed. Little did we know that Jeff would turn up for the show the next day in a skirt, handbag, headscarf and make-up. He then played the role so well that the audience thought he was a girl until the end of the show when he changed. The audience was awe- stuck! That was Jeff …. The man of many surprises.

Friday, November 18, 2016


When faith is lived. When faith is experienced, ‘Ukuuwako kama radiis felt.  And that is the message in Molly Kaberi’s music. ‘Sitishiki’ is the refrain in her lips as the binti to the king prides in the power of the Lord. The musicality, the beautiful video, the nostalgic video direction, the powerful audio and words leave you amazed. In awe! You watch it again and since your home is in Ndeiya, you thump your chest and say, “Ndeiya is talented. And I am proud to be a Ndeiyan!” Molly Kaberi with her music promises to make Ndeiya great again. Someone say Amen! Say it louder.

 Personally, I know Molly. She is that PMC teacher who is more than passionate about kids. She will do anything for PMC. Again, when it comes to inspiration and motivation, Molly is more than a pragmatic life coach. Every single morning on our local Catholic Parish Whatsapp Group, Molly wakes us up with these words: 

ARISE n ASSERT yourself!!!

Embrace this day be BETTER 

than yesterday…….. our INSPIRATION this morning!!!!!
Sometimes, we ignore it.(I am guilty of that). At other times, someone will type a non-chalant ‘Amen’ but all in all Molly will not give up. The next day, she does the same thing. She will not quit till we arise and assert ourselves!
The Tawala Singer in Her Trade

The Lovely Imagery
The character in the song has this awesome lover whom when she calls, all her problems will diminish into thin air.

Saturday, May 28, 2016


This year, Mboroti’s Cardinals Sports Club (under Daughters of Charity Services Thigio) celebrates two of their indefatigable, zealous soccer players who have defied the odds and made it big in matters football. One of them is Samuel Githire Ndungu who now plays for Muhoroni FC and Samuel Gatura Gaitungu who has been playing for UNILAG SPE FC AKWA IBOM state Nigeria.

The 25year old, 5.7fts tall, 72 kg Samuel Gatura Gaitungu hails from little known village of Migumo-ini Kamangu and would travel all the way to Thigio to play soccer; a clear indicator of zeal, steadfastness and passion at play. Popularly nicknamed as Pogba, Diego and Dimaria by his friends, Sammy is a story of discipline and humility. I met him on Facebook where he is always posting on the importance of passion and how God can transform one from nothing to something. He touched me in a great way and what followed was us arranging for an interview. Read on.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

James Ngigi Gathodu; A True Son Of Kanyayo Soil

Kenyan James Ngigi’s story on January 22nd in the Marine Corps website of how he leaves Kenya to the unknown in pursuit of his dream of being a Marine and emerging the best among all the other Marines is one that inspires, that challenges and throws you off-balance. The story of a man born in the little known village of Kanyayo in Kikuyu, Kenya who goes on to join USA Marine Corps after being inspired by the DJ movies he watched at MADMAX video cinema in Kamangu sounds like a fairy tale. But his isn’t a fairy tale; no, it is so true. It is a story that catapults you out of your comfort zone. A story that pumps grit, will-power and the quest for greatness into your bloodstream. A story that tells you to lovingly embrace the challenges you go through in childhood since those very challenges could be the building blocks for your after-life. Ngigi’s story makes you feel alive! To sum it up in my favorite Kikuyu proverb, I would say: weru ukwenda mbia hiu, yahitia kamukwa, Ikaria nganangu, yahitia nganangu, Ikaria kiondo.(The thickets call for a versatile rat. When it lacks a rope, it eats the basket handles. When it lacks the basket handles, it eats the basket).

Courtesy of The United States Marine Corps

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Death of My Creativity

It is not one of the best stories to tell. You know the like of stories a single mother fears telling her child when they demand to know their father? Well, am no single mother and there is no bastard who keeps on asking me which tractor crushed their father. But mine is a story of how I lost my creativity. It is equally sad if you ask me.

The story of how my creativity went down the drain. How I threw it into the Recycle Bin. Followed it there and deleted it permanently. And then left the place in a hurry, wiping my sweaty palms on my laps. After nonchalantly reading the eulogy of my creativity.